Empty pockets and a Thirst for knowledge leads to a Gambling with my Existence…

I never thought about being deployed with any  thoughts of avoiding it , It just would have been inconvenient since I’m in college.This  pushed me towards a unit that i knew had a small chance of being deployed . So if i don’t  want to be deployed i  probably never will .  My position on being deployed is that i made a commitment to come to arms if called by my country to do so. Even if disagree with the war.  In return Uncle Sam compensates me monetarily  for my high threat environment  by fund my college experience and the expanding of my mind. This weekend though i was struck by two things that are making reconsider my position of  not volunteering . There is the knowledge (experience) of war and the money.

Every one in my unit has seen war at some point. while some more then others, but  they can all glance at each other with the same knowledge of seeing war and knowing it from the fight. I want to know  that idea. Being in a place where the fluff of a society of bull shit like ours is nonexistent and you are left in a bare bone, raw life and death situation.

This kind of transaction of  a soldier of fortune from a lower class male is as old as the Romans. I’m no different from anyone else why should i snub my nose at the opportunity.


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